dancing our artwork into the world

Larry Parkinson

I’ve been pondering this for a while now and it’s become more apparent that art is always first and foremost performance. No act of creativity can exist without the performative actions of a maker. This is the very essence of creativity – the act of making. So while we may stand before an impressionist painting … Continue reading

road art addendum: and the power of toilet humour

Ballarat street tree

More road art variations have been throwing themselves into the mix lately. Ever since a seemingly random and inconsequential encounter with blue and white stripes painted on the exposed inner trunk of a fallen pine tree, any oddly shaped configuration of objects by the side of the road has become a potential artwork. On my … Continue reading

a forest is a god, the internet is a raging ocean

Eugene von Guerard, 'Mt Kosciusko'

Living in a regional location, you can’t help but be more attuned to concerns about nature. If only as a consequence of having a garden, for example, as opposed to living in a flat in the city, which makes the weather seem more important – like when can I mow the lawn if it’s been … Continue reading

what the flock


Occasionally something will pop up on the internet and just be everywhere all at once. And then, gone. Facebook is fascinating for this. Someone will post a video or photo that’ll grab your attention. Then, someone else in your network, who is completely unrelated to the first person, will post it too. Then that video … Continue reading

street art, or is it road art

Stripey Tree by Kent Wilson

Street art has a certain association with the urban context.  After all, ‘the streets’ is a shorthand reference to life in the city. But recently I stumbled across a painting that for all intents and purposes could have been a beautiful landscape intervention and yet, because of its positioning, could also easily be interpreted as … Continue reading

network alliances

Mark Lombardi

I think it’s fair to say that contemporary art is increasingly more interested in the dynamics of the collective group than the alleged genius of the individual artist. Certainly, this is true compared to previous ages. There is always going to still be some level of focus on the name of an artist, of course, … Continue reading


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