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    In an area once famed for the gold that lay hidden beneath its soil Golden ArtNet is looking to highlight the cultural gold that exists within the thriving cultural milieu of this ever-bubbling part of Victoria.


Waterhouse: indenting an extent of space

Walking into the dark, cavernous space of the gallery the atmosphere changes and the sound of footsteps echo loudly. There’s nothing on the walls and rather ominously, toward the back of the space, is a large mound lit with a single spotlight, protruding from the floor. Well, not really protruding from the floor. It is … Continue reading

Traubeck's, tree-record-player

double edged sword of similarity

Surely, one of the most frustrating things for artists is finding out about someone else’s work that is similar to your own. Well, not just similar, but a little too similar. It was one of my pet hates at art school, having a teacher look at my work and then say, ‘you should look at … Continue reading

Amy Tsilemanis, at Red Brick

red bricks, blank pages and the external archival mind

There seems to be a growing trend of new shops that combine fine art elements with more design and craft oriented elements. The general underlying impetus appears to be a breaking down of the hoity toity highbrow air of the fine arts, together with a greater appreciation of the things that are locally made, hand-crafted … Continue reading

Peter Aldrich

reality, pseudo reality and psycho-reality

Good ol’ Art Gallery of Ballarat. They’re always putting good stuff on. Which is a great pleasure really. Ballarat is such a unique city. There’s parts of it that are just breathtakingly beautiful. Some of the architecture is really wonderful. And yet, it feels like there’s about 50 000 people missing from the wide streets. … Continue reading

Yayoi Kusama at GoMA

crap framing, process and the new inclusionary nature of art

The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) is always putting on great stuff. And they constantly tease me about their great shows by advertising on trams and bus-stops throughout Melbourne. Flaunting their cultural cache in the face of Australia’s cultural capital. Not that I’m jealous or anything. Just because I can’t afford to hop on … Continue reading

Matthew Collings

the perambulations of collings

In a class I once gave on Romanticism I was looking to describe the resurgence of the handmade and the gothic in 19th century Europe and had fortuitously stumbled on a rather brilliant description given by arts commentator Matthew Collings in his series This is Civilisation. Luckily, most classes have internet access, giant digital projectors, … Continue reading

Ai Weiwei

ai wei wei: doco

There’s been a surge of artists coming out of China in recent times and by far the most interesting of these is Ai Weiwei. If you’re unfamiliar with his work I highly recommend checking him out. One of the great strengths of his work is his ability to produce work that melds the material with … Continue reading

Larry Parkinson

dancing our artwork into the world

I’ve been pondering this for a while now and it’s become more apparent that art is always first and foremost performance. No act of creativity can exist without the performative actions of a maker. This is the very essence of creativity – the act of making. So while we may stand before an impressionist painting … Continue reading

Verity Lougoon

are blue jeans a gene of our culture …?

This was an impressive show for a couple of key reasons. Firstly, the textile artworks of Tamara Marwood stand on their own as art, regardless of their material, process and use. Secondly, for a venue to support a collaborative exhibition exploring product design, manufacturing and art is a bold and welcome move. Sure, Bendigo seems … Continue reading

Elisa Stone, (detail)

honk if your child’s on the honour roll: la trobe grads

First of all, the VAC at La Trobe needs some praise for consistently putting on great contemporary art shows. For a region bustling with creative output, there’s frankly not enough quality contemporary art venues, and the VAC deserves mention and praise for holding up its end of the bargain, so to speak. The Honours students … Continue reading


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